Honda’s new electric range stuns at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

NEARLY every manufacturer is switching on to the realisation that in order to succeed, their ranges of cars need a form of electrification – and Honda is no different.


Honda Urban EV Concept: New electric range stuns at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

It has promised that every new model launched in Europe will now be available with some form of electric power.

It made a splash with one of the biggest – and arguably most retro – concepts of the Frankfurt Motor Show, called the Urban EV Concept.

It’s an all-electric city car with autonomous capabilities, plus some other clever tech.

Combining classic 90s looks with cutting-edge electric technology, it was one of the most talked about vehicles of the recent motor show.

It’s been built on an all-new platform and, if its looks are anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat when it reaches production in 2019.

We’ve also seen Honda’s CR-V Hybrid Prototype – a slightly more production-ready vehicle which is due to be available to order next year.

Powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder VTEC engine linked to two electric motors, it promises to be an accessible way into electrified driving.

It also has an on-board system which can determine how to use fuel and electrical energy most effectively – the driver doesn’t need to press any buttons.

Honda EV PH

Honda CR-V Hybrid Prototype: It promises to be an accessible way into electrified driving

As well as launching two new concepts, Honda has also committed to electrify every new model launched in Europe.

Takachiro Hachigo, president and CEO of Honda Motor Company, recently said: “Here in Europe, we see this move towards electrification gathering pace at an even higher rate than elsewhere.”

However, its plans reach further than just Europe – as Honda has also confirmed that it hopes to have two thirds of global new car sales electrified by 2030.

It’s more than just cars though, as Honda has also announced a new Honda Power Manager Concept.

Honda concept PH

Honda Power Manager: It can distribute electricity to and from the main grid

It can distribute electricity to and from the main grid.

This means that the power from an electric vehicle battery connected to a household can be effectively managed.

In short, Honda electric cars could be used to power the home, lowering the amount of energy drawn from the grid.

It looks as though in the not-so-distant future, Honda electric cars could not only be good looking, retro-styled modes of transport but a low-emissions way of powering a house.

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