Hyundai’s all-electric Kona to arrive next year

HYUNDAI is to introduce an all-electric version of its just-announced Kona next year.

Hyundai PH

Hyundai Kona is to arrive next year

Speaking at the reveal of the new B-segment SUV in Seoul, South Korea, vice-chairman for Hyundai Motor Company Euisun Chung said: “We are targeting a mass production of EV from next year.

“The Kona EV may be able to go over 390km (242 miles) using all-electric power.”

It was also announced that the manufacturer would be working on a fuel cell vehicle as part of its model offensive that looks to introduce 30 models by 2020 in order to achieve the brand’s goal of ‘clean mobility’.

Hyundai PH

The Hyundai Kona is set to be all-electric

Hyundai PH

The Hyundai Kona 'may be able to go over 242 miles using all electric power'

Hyundai also revealed that it would be creating two new SUV models designed to sit at either end of the market.

The first, an A-segment car, will give younger drivers a viable SUV while the second, an E-segment vehicle, will sit at the top of the Hyundai four-wheel-drive range above the current Santa Fe.

Chung continued: “Our plan is to come up with an A-segment SUV – smaller than the Kona – by 2020 and so we want to embrace A-segment to E-segment.

“We’re also planning to roll out an E-segment SUV that’s bigger than the Santa Fe. We want our line-up to reflect our customers’ needs.”


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