Subaru to partner with Toyota to create plug-in hybrid with Prius technology

SUBARU is looking to re-enter the hybrid market with help from Toyota, but it’ll only be sold in America at first.


Subaru looking to re-enter the electric car market with plug-in hybrid using Prius technology

Subaru is hoping to catch up with the electrification game by taking advantage of its partnership with Toyota.

Until now, the only hybrid Subaru made was a Crosstrek SUV, which offered very little in the way of improved fuel economy, but had less space and a higher price tag than other powertrains in the range.

It was only sold in America, and unsurprisingly buyers didn’t take to it.

However, a new plug-in hybrid Subaru is on the way – followed by an all-electric model, too – with both examples slated for US-only releases for now.

It’s being made possible thanks to Toyota, which owns a 17 per cent share in its fellow Japanese carmaker.

Subaru’s chief technical officer Takeshi Tachimori told Automotive News: “For our plug-in hybrid to be introduced this year, we have used Toyota's technologies as much as possible.”

The firm has taken much of the electric motor and battery technology from the Toyota Prius Prime, but will add its own engine so the car is distinct from the Prius.

As well as leaning on Toyota for technical know-how, Subaru is also part of the EV Common Architecture Spirit Company, formed last year with Mazda, car parts supplier Denso, Toyota, Suzuki and Daihatsu. The group will co-develop electric vehicle architecture.

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