Electric motor manufacturer Yasa opens new plant near Oxford creating 150 new jobs

ELECTRIC motor manufacturer Yasa has opened a new plant near Oxford in a move that will create 150 jobs in the Oxford region. The factory, which is based at the Oxford Industrial Park in Yarnton, will create 100,000 motors for hybrid and electric vehicles each year.

Yasa electric motor factory YASA

Electric motor manufacturer Yasa has opened a new plant near Oxford that will create 150 jobs

Yasa says that it is aiming to export about 80 per cent of its products across the world.

The move will create 150 jobs in the region following its official opening by business secretary Greg Clark. Research at the University of Oxford contributed to the plant’s opening.

He called the plant "testimony to what can be achieved through our industrial approach, when academia, government and industry come together".

Clark said: “This is a wonderful example of what we want to achieve through investment in science and research.

“What everyone now expects to see is a big increase in the take-up of electric vehicles and almost every car manufacturer I speak to expects to move to either electric or hydrogen vehicles in the next couple of decades in totality.”

According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Yasa is working with a variety of well-established car companies, including Jaguar and Williams, to provide the "speed of a Bugatti Veyron but the emissions of a Toyota Prius".

Chris Harris, Yasa's CEO, said the electric car market was "rapidly expanding".

He added: "Yasa is a great example of what the UK can and should expect to achieve if we invest in the innovative and creative ideas emerging from our best universities".


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