MP calls for charging points to be “beautiful” like telephone boxes

A FORMER minister has called on the government to make electric car charging points as “iconic and beautiful” as the famous red telephone boxes dotted around the UK.

Red telephone boxes PA

Former minister wants to make electric car charging points as iconic as red telephone boxes

The comments came from conservative John Hayes, former minister at the Department for Transport, who said "one should recognise a charging point, as we recognise a telephone box, a pillar box", and concluded that the points "should be beautiful, by the way."

Hayes is in charge of working out how EV charging points will be implemented into the government’s Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill.

The Lincolnshire MP has previously suggested the charging points should be named after him, in the same vein as London's "Boris Bikes".

Shadow Transport Minister Karl Turner mentioned the points had already been dubbed "Hayes hooks" in committees.

John Hayes PA

John Hayes, former conservative minister at the Department for Transport

The former minister said this "delighted” him.

Hayes also reiterated his support for a nationwide design competition for the points, and called for more "human infrastructure" such as technicians and engineers to get the programme off the ground.

He also repeated the importance of on-street charging being consistent in form and payment method around the nation.


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