Byton tease new electric SUV before full reveal at CES 2018

CHINESE start-up car manufacturer Byton has revealed the first images of its all-electric SUV.

Byton electric SUV BYTON

Byton will reveal its electric SUV in full at the CES in Las Vegas on January 7

The firm, headed up by former BMW i Division boss Carsten Breitfeld, doesn’t refer to its product as a car, instead calling it a “next generation smart device”.

This focus on technology is immediately evident, as teaser photos show that the interior is dominated by screens.

The dashboard features one large display that can be split into three sections, featuring information such as satellite navigation, reversing cameras and mobile phone connections.

Another tablet-like screen can be seen in the centre of the steering wheel, and the touchscreen can be used to control the information that is visible on the main displays above.

This user interface is at the core of Byton’s product, with Breitfeld comparing it to the move to smartphones in the mobile phone industry.

He said: “This is a masterpiece of three products: a smart Internet communicator, a luxurious, spacious living room, and a fully electric car.

"A revolutionary user interface (UI) is at the core of Byton.

Just like the move from the feature phone to the smartphone in the mobile phone industry, the new UI kicks off a new era in mobility.”

Byton will reveal its concept car in full at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 7.

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