Tesla Model S Shooting Brake limited edition design to be built next year

CONCEPT drawings of a Shooting Brake model - released by London-based Dutch design studio Niels van Roij Design - reveal a longer version of the electric hatchback, which will be limited to just 20 units. Additional features include a stretched roofline and extra chrome trim.

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake design PH

A special limited edition version of the Tesla Model S is to be built next year

Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar, which is situated just outside of Amsterdam, will build the vehicle. Tesla itself has no connection to the project.

“Design is the most important reason for purchase globally – regardless of the price, gender or age of the buyer,” said van Roij.

“So, we’ve invested a lot of time in the design process of our Shooting Brake.

"We started with writing the design strategy, after which the design research was initiated, then sketching began.

Concept drawings of a Shooting Brake model PH

Niels van Roij: 'Design is the most important reason for purchase globally'

“The aesthetics of this conversion have been developed thoroughly by producing three design propositions, within which 16 different design themes were generated. Our research focused on benchmarking high end performance station cars, one-off vehicles and market trends.”

Van Roij added: “Based on this extensive design research, we developed the brand DNA for the Shooting Brake. The conversion merges seamlessly with the Tesla base vehicle, whilst clearly communicating though form, design language and materials that this is a tailor-made Shooting Brake.”

According to van Roij, the essential elements of the theme that were chosen are its dynamic, bold profile with continuously flowing lines.

The special-edition Tesla will be launched in early March. A price is yet to be announced, although it is thought to be in the five-figure range.


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