Electric car charge points not installed over ‘clutter’ fears

COUNCILS are slowing down the uptake of electric cars by vetoing plans for roadside chargers, the Mayor of London has claimed.

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Local councils switch to EVs slowed because residents have complained

Sadiq Khan said that attempts to install rapid chargers at the roadside were being stopped by local councils after complaints from residents.

Speaking at a parliamentary inquiry into air pollution, Khan said: “What’s happening is we’re applying for permission for rapid charging points. Councils are saying no because it’s clutter.”

David Martell, chief executive of Chargemaster, the UK’s leading provider of charging points, said: “We have seen planning objections raised in relation to roadside charge points, but such concerns are rather short-sighted.”

The Times reports that Department for Transport figures show some areas of the UK have no charge points for miles, which could put potential electric vehicle owners off buying a zero-emission cars.

Electric car charge point PA

Government announced it is investing £400m in electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Data from last year shows that the average distance to a public charge point in Britain was just over four miles, rising to 12 miles in Wales. However, the worst areas in the UK for charging points were Cumbria at 37 miles and 47 miles in north Devon.

A number of organisations are investing in expanding the UK’s charging infrastructure, and .

Earlier this month, Ford, BMW, Daimler and the Volkswagen Group announced a joint venture called , which would see 400 high-power charging stations installed across Europe.


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