'Petrol and diesel engines will be dead by 2050' claims Toyota R&D boss

TOYOTA thinks that petrol and diesel engines will be dead by 2050, according to its research and development boss.

Toyota PH

Seigo Kuzumaki says Toyota thinks that only a few hybrid models will be on sale by 2050

Speaking to Autocar, head of advanced R&D and engineering Seigo Kuzumaki said: “We expect that by 2050, we will have reduced CO2 emissions from vehicles by 90 per cent compared to the figure in 2010”.

“To achieve that, from 2040, simple internal combustion engined cars will not be made, but they may be the basis of some hybrid of plug-in hybrid cars”.

It’s likely the announcement by the UK government earlier this year that sole-internal combustion cars would be banned from new sale by 2040 has had some influence on this plan, as it is in line with Toyota’s strategy for developed economies.

The Japanese manufacturer currently sells around 43 per cent of all electrified vehicles globally, with the Prius taking the best-selling spot having sold over 11 million units to date.

Toyota plans to launch a range of electric cars from 2020 which will use lithium-ion batteries — although it is looking to productionise solid state batteries early in the next decade.

Kuzumaki said: “We hold more patents than any other company on solid state batteries. We are getting close to developing cars using the technology, and we believe that we will be ahead of our rivals in achieving that”.

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