Bollinger B1: The all-electric off-road 4x4 will launch in mid-2019

AN all-electric SUV designed to rival the famous Land Rover Defender in terms of its off-road capabilities is set to launch in mid-2019.

Bollinger B1 PH

The Bollinger B1 all-electric 4x4 will launch in mid-2019

The Bollinger B1, which is built by American start-up Bollinger Motors, is a rugged, utilitarian 4x4 that makes use of front and rear electric motors to develop 355bhp and 640Nm of torque.

The boxy SUV features a spartan interior, while a 15.5-inch ground clearance and 10-inch wheel travel mean it can handle itself over unforgiving terrain.

Bollinger engineer John Hutchinson told Autocar: “There’s no other electric SUV like this.

"Electric drivetrains are great for off-road use, because they offer plenty of torque at low RPM.

“The B1 is designed for fun off-roading, or for use as a farm vehicle.

"Those vehicles don’t travel great distances, so range is less of an issue.”

Bollinger will initially offer the B1 with a 60kWh battery that will provide a 120-mile range, while a 100kWh, 200-mile battery is planned for release at a later date.

An aluminium chassis and bodywork allows for a simple manufacturing process, and also makes replacing panels an easier task.

For added safety, the B1 has been fitted with a steel roll cage.

The minimal interior provides great scope for practicality. With the rear seats removed, storage capacity reaches 2,690 litres, while the lack of a traditional engine at the front of the car means a “pass-through” storage compartment for long items could be fitted.

Bollinger Motors will primarily focus on building the B1 for the US market, although it is hoping to begin exporting models by 2020 – primarily to the Middle East.


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