Nearly a quarter of motorists considering EV purchase in next five years

ALMOST a quarter of adults are considering purchasing an electric vehicle in the next five years, new research has revealed.

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Almost a quarter of adults are considering buying an electric vehicle in the next five years

A survey by Sainsbury’s Bank has revealed 41 per cent of 2,006 adults quizzed had their minds plugged in to the idea of EV ownership within the next decade — and 23 per cent in the next five years.

The surge towards alternative fuel may not be instant, though, as only three per cent said they would buy an all-electric vehicle in the next six months, compared to 52 per cent opting for petrol power, 22 per cent for diesel and 14 per cent going for hybrid power.

One in ten did say they were ‘seriously considering’ an electric vehicle for environmental reasons, with 16 per cent saying they would be much more likely if all petrol stations and motorway services had electric charging points.

Registrations of EVs in the first quarter for 2017 totalled 13,800 — a rise of 17 per cent compared with the same period in 2016.

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1 in 10 say they were ‘seriously considering’ an EV for environmental reasons

That was reflected in October’s monthly figures too, sales of alternatively fuelled vehicle sales rose by 36.9 per cent over October 2017 with 8,244 new registrations.

Alex Buttle, co-founder of comparison website Motorway, said: “Maybe it's time focus is shifted towards giving attractive tax incentives for purchasing alternatively fuelled vehicles (AVFs) to encourage growth in this area.

“Consumers are showing huge interest in eco-friendly cars and it’s reflected in new registrations.

AFVs are the future of the car industry and the government need to adapt to changing times if it has any interest in keeping the new car market buoyant.”


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