Amazon patents EV-charging drone

AMAZON has been awarded a patent for a drone that can land on the roof of an electric car and charge it while on the move.

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AWARD: Amazon patents EV-charging drone

The idea is that the drone would locate your vehicle after a request has been sent out, and provide it with additional charge if you found your battery levels to be running low.

Once the drone has been scrambled, it would plug in to a roof-top docking station to provide the much needed top up.

According to the Sun, the drones would use identification technology to prevent it from confusing another vehicle with the one that ordered the mobile recharge.

The newspaper has also reported that the drone would weigh less than 45kg, and be able to fly as high as two miles into the air.

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LONG-RANGE: The range is thought to be around 30 miles from its launch location

Range is thought to be around 30 miles from its launch location.

However, just because Amazon has secured a patent for such technology, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily follow through and start production.

If it ever comes into existence, though, on-demand drone charging could prove to be an interesting solution to the common problem associated with electric vehicles – range anxiety.


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