Toyota gives a vision of the future with hydrogen concepts

ALTERNATIVELY-fuelled vehicles have broken cover ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show.

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FUTURE: Toyota gives a vision of the future with hydrogen concepts

Toyota has shown where the future of transportation could lead with two hydrogen-powered concepts ahead of their official unveils at next week’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The first, called the Fine-Comfort, features a flexible seating layout made possible by the car’s hydrogen-electric powertrain and the space created by the lack of transmission tunnel.

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LUXURY: The Fine-Comfort features a flexible seating layout

In-wheel motors help preserve interior space, while an underbody cover keeps cabin noise to a minimum. A touch display highlighting the driver and passenger seats allows for adjustment of the individual chairs.

Thanks to its hydrogen powertrain, the Fine-Comfort produces no CO2, and can be refuelled in around three minutes. Toyota claims that it can travel a total of 600 miles on one refuel.

Meanwhile the Sora FC bus concept points towards a commercial application for a hydrogen-fuelled vehicle. Toyota plans to release a full production version by 2018, and hopes to introduce 100 of the buses into the Tokyo area ahead of the city’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

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BUS CONCEPT: Toyota plans to release a full production Bus by 2018

Utilising the same powertrain as that found in the current Mirai hydrogen vehicle, the Sora emits no CO2 whatsoever. In addition, it features a high-capacity external supply system which could be used as an emergency power source – helping provide power in the event of a natural disaster, for instance.

There’s room inside for 78 passengers in total, while eight cameras dotted along the vehicle monitor the vehicle’s extremities, detecting pedestrians and cyclists in the area and warning the driver of their whereabouts.

Both vehicles will make their full debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show, which starts next week.

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