Electrified car revolution on its way with best-ever quarterly registrations

ELECTRIFIED vehicles saw their best quarterly registrations in the UK between July and September.

Electrified vehicle registrations GO ULTRA LOW

Electrified vehicles saw their best quarterly registrations between July and September 2017

New car registration data analysed by Go Ultra Low, a government- and car industry-backed electric car campaign, found that 12,932 ultra-low-emission vehicles were sold between July and September, which is a 36 per cent rise on the same period last year.

The figure is 721 units higher than the previous record quarter, which was between January and March this year.

For the purposes of the study, Go Ultra Low looked at the number of cars sold that qualify for the government’s low-emission vehicle grant. That means all pure-electric and plug-in hybrid models were included, but most non-plug-in hybrids were excluded.

Figures show that there are now more than 120,000 of these vehicles on UK roads today.

Transport minister Jesse Norman said: “We are committed to investing £1bn in ultra-low-emission vehicles, including £100 million in the UK’s charging infrastructure, by 2021. It is great to see more than 120,000 people have already made the switch.

Speaking ahead of the launch of Go Ultra Low’s new website launch and media awareness campaign, Poppy Welch, the head of the organisation, said: “It is great to see that the popularity of plug-in cars continues to grow at a record pace.”


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