Renault invests in Dutch start-up company that is developing a smart charging app

FRENCH car manufacturer Renault has taken a 25 per cent stake in a Dutch company that specialises in the ’smart charging’ of electric vehicles.

Renault PH

Renault has taken a 25% stake in a Dutch company Jedlix, which specialises in ’smart charging'

The two firms have been partners since 2015 and their closer collaboration will see the development of a new smartphone app to help EV owners manage the charging of their cars.

As well as experience in smart charging, Jedlix has an in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, while Renault has been forging ahead with EV technology in recent years, introducing cars such as the all-electric Zoe to market.

Jedlix works with other manufacturers such as Tesla and BMW, too.

The first stage of the new partnership will see Renault launch Z.E. Smart Charge, a smartphone app designed to work on both Android and iOS devices.

The app optimises the management of vehicle charges to benefit as much as possible from renewable energy and the lowest prices.

Users indicate the charge level they need and the departure time of their car.

After supplying the minimum charge requested by the user, the app manages the rest of the charge in smart charging mode.

The vehicle charges when the electricity supply exceeds demand, notably during renewable energy production surpluses and during time slots when electricity is at its lowest price.

It thus favours lower-carbon and less expensive energy.

Gilles Normand, senior vice president, electric vehicle, Renault, said: ‘A pioneer in the electric vehicle market, Renault has confirmed its leadership position by developing innovative partnerships.

‘With Jedlix, we will provide new services to make charging – and thus the use of electric vehicles – even more easy and affordable.’


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